Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival

For the past 18 years ago, the first week of June has been home to a fun event in Fanklin, Indiana. Being newer to the area, I had never hear of it, until I got into fiber arts.The Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival is held in Friday and Saturday. If you love making fiber items, this is the place for you.

Over the 2 days I met tons of fiber lovers, some alpacas with a great sense of fashion, 

and excellent security.





I even managed to win some ribbons! First and Second place in the beginner fiber art category.


Overall the event was great, even if all my stuff ended up dusty.  In the end it gets crammed in to my corolla until the next show.


That one time I taught a class….

In Indianapolis, we have this cute store called ReCraft. It is filled to the brim with buttons, fabric, yarns, paper, corks, jars, and anything you may need to complete your project.

I stopped in one day, to see if there was anything I “needed” . Mind you, I NEVER need any more craft supplies. I have my own mini store in the garage. Yet, there I was… buying more.

While I was there, the owner asked if I could teach a class. Obviously, I said yes, or this blog post would be nonexistent.

I spent the next few weeks gathering needed supplies, dying wool,and trying to find my confidence. I wrote out a basic outline of things to cover, even though I know what to do.

We began by talking about the supplies. Sizes of needles, types of wool, and saftey. Watch your fingers!

And away we went. We started by making a base shape of white wool. Everyone caught on super quickly.

Then we added color and finishing details.

We spent the next 90 minutes stabbing away and talking.

I must say, the night went WAY better than expected. I think another class will need to happen this fall.

The end result were amazing!

Hello Again!

I am still around, and still creating.

In January I started a new job at a local hospital. So many of my days have this have have been used up by science.

This past week was National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Like many professions we like to celebrate.

But what do laboratory professionals do?

The first and possibly only one of us you will meet is the phlebotomist, aka vampire. They are trained to find your vein and draw blood. Your blood is then labeled and sent to the laboratory.

Once in the lab, it is processed. What does that mean? If you had a red, orange, or light green top tube drawn,it will need to be spun down.

This tube will be used for chemistry testing. We only want to test the serum or plasma, what your blood cells float around in. Chemistry tests check for your cholesterol levels, electrolyte levels, and even some medication levels. Once test are complete a lab tech will verify and release results to your provider.

If you have a lavender, or purple tube drawn. You are most likely getting a complete blood count. This test check your whole blood. We are looking for the number of red cells, number of platelets and the number of white cells. We also check the type of white cells, and the shape of the red cells. If all is well, another lab tech will verify and release results to your provider.

However, the laboratory has many more departments.

There is the blood bank, they make sure blood that is given to patients is safe and compatible.

There is a urinalysis team. The look at your urine to determine what is causing symptoms.

The coagulation section, looks at your clotting factors and platelet function.

There is a bench that will run your A1C, this checks your blood sugar for the past 2-3 months.

There is a blood gas bench, they make sure your body is exchanging oxygen.

Then there is microbiology. In this department, they take all of the swabs, urine, sputum, poo, and any other sample that providers order a culture on.

A lab tech will place a small amount of the sample on to plates. But not normal ones, these plates have special agar. Depending on the type, the agar will prevent some bacteria from growing, is is so we can detect bacteria that is doing more harm than good. After a few days of growing and testing, a lab tech can let your provider know which antibiotics will work best.

The other sections of the lab are histology, pathology, electrophoresis, and cytology.

As medical laboratory professionals, we work hard to provide doctors and nurses with the most accurate results. Some of us, have an associates degree, and many of us have a bachelors degree. We spend countless hours studying and learning all of the systems of the body. We spend time in laboratory doing clinical rotations before graduation.and then usually have to train for about 6 more months before we are checked off to work independently.

If you have any questions or things to add leave it in the the comments.

Cauliflower Cream Eggs

This recipe needs some major work. BEWARE!

If you have visited my blog before, it was most likely to check out my Cauliflower Peanut Butter cups. I created that recipe in response to a meme. It can be made and is not bad.

This one however needs some revisiting. Here is what I tried so far. Feel free to leave comments for suggestions.

First, Begin by boiling cauliflower florets.

Blend until SUPER smooth. Add vanilla and some powdered sugar. (I may try condensed milk next time)

Make sure it is smooth.

Melt chocolate. Pour into molds, you have seen the videos. 😉

Next fill with the “Cream”.

Use something hot to melt the edge of thr mold, and connect.

Enjoy if you dare.

Sorry for the potato photos, I did this quickly.

Hope you have a Happy Easter or a Great April Fools Day.


International Marketplace, the hidden gem of INDY.

If you live in Indianapolis, and you do not know what the International Marketplace is, you are missing out.

The International Marketplace is not a singe business.  It is a collection of shops and restaurants located on the cities near west side( aka inside 465).


This area is filled with cuisines from all over the globe. From African to Vietnamese  and everywhere in between

The best place of all is the Global Village. At the Global Village, you will be transported all around the globe through a variety of art exhibits.

The Global Village is also home to many events throughout the year. My favorite is the TASTE THE DIFFERENCE Festival. Restaurants from all over the city converge into one convenient place, all offering a sample of what they serve.

In between bites you can watch performances from talented international artists. Or take a step into another culture.

For more information about my favorite Indianapolis Neighborhood visit the website at http://www.imcoalition.org.


Pizza Party

The property that we rent is full of various features.  We have a brick laid patio, a small water feature, a recreational pond, and a wood fired oven.   The wood fired oven was built by our landlord.  It may take a while to get heated up, but it cooks super quick once it is to temperature. So far we have made spatchcock chicken, steak, a variety of vegetables, and of course PIZZA!

For my  birthday we decided to invite people over to make their own pizzas.   We had a variety of toppings and made the dough from scratch.  I will have D write down the dough recipe for me.

My niece and I formed about 25 pizza crusts, so that the process moved a bit quicker.   It took us a while to get the hang of it, but she wanted to help.

booger butt

Once everything was set up, we headed downstairs and began the serving process.  Each pizza took about 2 minutes to cook.  As one pizza was in the oven, the next person was making theirs, and over 30 minutes, everyone was happy and fed.


This pizza was the flavor winner!




Just look at that face!





Toppings included spinach, olives, sundried tomatoes, onions, feta, and so many more! Another favorite pizza topping combinations is pears, gorgonzola, bacon, and basalmic glaze.   Of course you can put ANY topping that you want onto pizza.


Overall, for our first pizza party, this one was a succuess!



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Like many home cooks, I have spent hours.. no days, watching various cooking shows; which has given me an understanding about how food works.  I have learned which flavors go well together, and those that do not.  I have learned that too much of one texture or color can become unappetizing.  If I make something and it is delicious, then I will try it again. If I do not like what I have made, I will still try again…differently.

My creativity with food did not start in the kitchen. I believe that it started with my love for crafts.  Over the years I have learned that it is OK to “mess up” on a project, nobody will notice anyway or think that you did it on purpose.

I hope you enjoy this site and that it brings you inspiration.