That one time I taught a class….

In Indianapolis, we have this cute store called ReCraft. It is filled to the brim with buttons, fabric, yarns, paper, corks, jars, and anything you may need to complete your project.

I stopped in one day, to see if there was anything I “needed” . Mind you, I NEVER need any more craft supplies. I have my own mini store in the garage. Yet, there I was… buying more.

While I was there, the owner asked if I could teach a class. Obviously, I said yes, or this blog post would be nonexistent.

I spent the next few weeks gathering needed supplies, dying wool,and trying to find my confidence. I wrote out a basic outline of things to cover, even though I know what to do.

We began by talking about the supplies. Sizes of needles, types of wool, and saftey. Watch your fingers!

And away we went. We started by making a base shape of white wool. Everyone caught on super quickly.

Then we added color and finishing details.

We spent the next 90 minutes stabbing away and talking.

I must say, the night went WAY better than expected. I think another class will need to happen this fall.

The end result were amazing!

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