Cauliflower Cream Eggs

This recipe needs some major work. BEWARE!

If you have visited my blog before, it was most likely to check out my Cauliflower Peanut Butter cups. I created that recipe in response to a meme. It can be made and is not bad.

This one however needs some revisiting. Here is what I tried so far. Feel free to leave comments for suggestions.

First, Begin by boiling cauliflower florets.

Blend until SUPER smooth. Add vanilla and some powdered sugar. (I may try condensed milk next time)

Make sure it is smooth.

Melt chocolate. Pour into molds, you have seen the videos. 😉

Next fill with the “Cream”.

Use something hot to melt the edge of thr mold, and connect.

Enjoy if you dare.

Sorry for the potato photos, I did this quickly.

Hope you have a Happy Easter or a Great April Fools Day.


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